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Analysis of economic operation situation of abrasive and abrasive tool industry

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By 2015, abrasives industry in the world economy is fatigued and weak, domestic economic structure adjustment, the downstream demand is sluggish, industry colleagues to overcome difficulties and actively adjust the structure, product upgrades to achieve good results, but as basic material and tools of industrial development, subject to the overall affected by the economic situation, the overall economy is in a downward trend.
2015 abrasives industry operating characteristics
1, the main production decline. Our products are mainly used in grinding and refractory material, the 2015 major downstream industries economy appeared different degree of decline, crude steel output fell 2.3%, 4.9% decline in cement, plate glass fell 8.6%, 10 kinds of nonferrous metals growth 5.8%, decline in the growth rate of 1.4 percent, real estate slowdown, the decline in downstream industry economy to varying degrees, of abrasives demand reduced accordingly.
According to statistics, 2015 corundum production and sales of about 1.5 million tons, down 3.2%; white corundum about 22 million tons, down 12%; black silicon carbide 64 million tons, down 1.54%; green silicon carbide is about 24 million tons, down 4%; resin abrasive about 46 million tons, drop compared to the same period 8%; ceramic abrasive about 25 million tons, fell 16.67%.
2, the product sales revenue growth year on year decline
According to the branch of statistics, in 2015 1-4 quarter product sales revenue fell 5.29%, sales costs, sales expenses fell 3.8% and 4.56%, respectively, the decline in the magnitude of the decline in sales revenue.
3, product sales prices continue to decline. At the beginning of the year of 2015, brown corundum blocks factory dutiable price 3100-3200 yuan / tons, sand 1-3mm 4050-4150 yuan / tons, the sand particle size 4300-4400 yuan / tons, gradually decreased to block factory dutiable price 3000-3050 yuan / ton, sand 3400-3500 yuan / ton, sand particle size 4100-4200 RMB / ton, do not make out an invoice not dutiable value is to block 2600 yuan / ton, sand 3100-3200 yuan / ton, sand grain size of 4000 yuan / ton.
White corundum due to lower alumina prices, once the low to 1650 yuan / ton (November), Bai Gang jade product price also glides all the way, the end of the factory invoice price block 3100 yuan / tons, sand 3500 yuan / tons, a daily 4000-4100 yuan / ton price is relatively good, sand particle size 4400-4500 yuan / tons, low energy to 4000-4200 yuan / ton (and small manufacturing enterprises billing foreign sales and lower prices).
Black silicon carbide 88#0-10mm from 4550-4650 at the beginning of yuan / ton fell 3900-4000 at the end of the yuan / ton, 98#F16-100 ex factory price from 6450-6650 at the beginning of yuan / ton fell 5900-6100 at the end of the yuan / ton, 98.5# green silicon carbide is piece factory price from early 6800-7000 yuan / tons dropped to 6300-6500 yuan / tons. JIS1500 from early 17500-18000 yuan / ton, down to 16300-16800 yuan / tons.
Abrasive products, the quality of different price difference between the larger, but ordinary abrasive sales Phi 105 small slice lowest to 0.40-0.50 yuan / piece, and the enterprise take increase sales promotion, in order to open the market, many enterprises take reduced the ex factory price of foreign sales, the statistical data display price sales value of 23.85% year-on-year decline.
4, financial costs continue to rise, due to iron and steel industry suffered serious losses, the collection of refractory enterprises slow, directly affects the abrasive supply enterprises loan recovery, most of the enterprises still rely on bank loans even usury to maintain production, report shows the financial expenses increase compared to the same period 6.97%, the interest expense increased 6.70%, net accounts receivable increase 3.55%.
5, increase investment, structural optimization. 2015 industry statistics investment increased 9.04%, display data from the statistical classification, abrasives enterprises to increase the magnitude is relatively large, 35.98%. From the investigation, scale abrasive enterprises are in the expansion of production scale, production equipment updates, funding of research and development investment increased efforts, to further enhance the level of automation equipment, high-end products in the amount increasing.
6, the economic decline, the five is the main reason causing the decrease of the total profit of. Statistics show 2015 112 scale enterprises total profit fell 6.75%, abrasive enterprises profit rose 42%, decreased by 58%, abrasives enterprises 45% rise, decreased by 55%, both have in common is decline than rise high.
7, import and export trade of negative growth, the export trade due to weak demand in foreign markets, August RMB appreciation, Russia, Southeast Asia and some countries currency devaluation and other factors, main products of export volume and export amount declined.
5.156 million tons of brown corundum exports, amount 358940 thousands of dollars, down 15.34% and 16.33%, respectively; natural corundum 5.79 million tons, 12056 in thousands of dollars amount, down 2.73%, 1.45%, respectively. Other artificial corundum 16.19 million tons, amount 149870 thousands of dollars, down 16.54% and 13.46%, respectively; 31.48 million tons of silicon carbide, amount 305382 thousands of dollars, down 1.56% and 11.28%, respectively; boron carbide 2288 tons, 32.08 thousand thousand dollars, fell 5.49% and 3.32%, abrasive 21.04 million tons, amount 578532 thousands of dollars, fell 3.41% and 2.26%, fold except for silicon carbide fell 12.61%, remaining product price all have increased to varying degrees.
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