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Physical properties of abrasive

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Abrasive grain size
Abrasive particle size refers to the size of the particle. According to the abrasive particle size, abrasive, grinding into powder and ultrafine powder of four groups. Among them, grinding grain and milling the two sets of abrasive grain size number represented by the length of every inch of screen mesh numbers, marked by adding "#" symbol in the grain size number of numbers in the upper right corner. Such as 240#, refers to 240 holes per inch screen length, the numerical size is bigger, more fine grains show. And powder and ultra micro powder of the two groups of abrasive grain size number is expressed in the actual particle size. The sign of is in front of the particle size of numbers with a letter "W". Sometimes it can be converted into the sieve no.. For example, W20 said, is the actual size of the abrasive particles in the 20 m~14 m, and the mesh number is 500#.
There are coarse, medium and fine particles in different sizes of abrasive grains. The medium grain is the basic particle size of the grinding powder, which is the main factor to determine the abrasive ability of the abrasive, which has a large proportion in the composition of Lido. Practice has proved: after the centrifugal separation of the grinding powder its grinding ability to improve the score before the election 20%. Fine grain in the grinding from a very small grinding effect, particle size in addition to the quality of the workpiece is not detrimental to the quality of the grinding, but also reduce the grinding efficiency, should be in the size of the composition to minimize the number of them. Therefore, the efficiency of grinding and the quality of work, all require abrasive particles of uniform. Particle size in the 12#~80# particle size, particle size is larger, is not suitable for abrasive processing of abrasive.
Abrasive hardness
Abrasive hardness refers to the abrasive surface to resist the ability of local and foreign, and the hardness of the abrasive tool (such as the asphalt) is adhesive bonded abrasive in the external force is applied to the firm, it is one of the basic characteristics of abrasive. Grinding process is the use of abrasive and abrasive workpiece hardness difference to achieve, the higher the hardness of the abrasive, the stronger the cutting ability.
Strength of abrasive
The strength of an abrasive is the strength of the material itself. When the abrasive blade is quite sharp, capable of withstanding external pressure and not be broken. The strength difference of the abrasive, its abrasive grain grinding faster, cutting ability is low, the service life is short. This requires abrasive grains in addition to a higher hardness, but also should have sufficient strength, in order to better grinding processing.
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